In-Person Training

New Opportunity – Member feedback meets coronavirus experience.  We are all more savvy after a year of virtual learning, socially-distanced meetings, etc., and are pleased to offer IN-PERSON TRAINING WITH ADAM SCHRIBER.

The Tour Prep Golf Training Program was originally designed as a flexible tool for individual Members to use at their own pace-at home, at the gym, on the practice range, in a hotel – anywhere!   A number of you would like to add the option of In-Person Training with A COACH.  This can be a great new tool to accelerate your progress as it heightens feedback and enables a coach to target certain videos to a Member’s needed improvement areas.  In-Person Training can be done virtually – by exchanging videos, phone calls or on video conference – or live with Adam in-person.

If you would like to explore IN-PERSON TRAINING WITH ADAM SCHRIBER, or have a local coach that you would like to plug into this training with you, please contact us at and don’t forget to list your phone number.