Adam Schriber named the 2018 Michigan Teacher of the Year!

Becoming the Michigan PGA Teacher of the Year is no easy thing.

There certain criteria that need to be met, which include:

  • Overall impact on teaching/coaching at the candidate’s facility to include number/hours of lessons/clinics and dollars generated.
  • Unusual, innovative or special teaching programs initiated or implemented.
  • Instructional articles, videos or publications written or produces.
  • Examples of innovative techniques/technologies used or specialty certifications that enhance the candidate’s programs, lessons and ability as an instructor.
  • Continued education and training in the area of golf instruction.

Tour Prep Golf’s very own Adam Schriber has been named this years Top Coach and we couldn’t be more proud!

Here’s what Adam had to say:

“I feel super honored to have been name 2018 Michigan Teacher of the Year!!!!!!
It’s weird how they name the teacher of the year at the start of that year. I guess it get’s your name in the hat for 2018 national teacher of the year and maybe that’s why they do it at the start of the year.
Anyway along with the golf magazine top 100 teacher for sure one of the biggest honors I have ever received. I’m sure looking forward to getting off the IR and helping the team to continue to make the coach look good in 2018 as they rise to the top!” – Adam Schriber

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