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"Adam Schriber's training will allow you to get stronger, faster, and more flexible while you learn to swing the club. It's like Schriber always told me; you don't have to do it. You will only do it if you want to find out how good you can be."

- Anthony Kim
3 time winner on the PGA Tour

“Adam Schriber and I train to increase my body’s capabilities for golf specifically. The best part of Adam’s Tour Prep Golf Program is the increase in quality of life. My aches and pains have gone away as I’ve trained my body to operate more efficiently, both on and off the golf course. Adam’s greatest attribute is his ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the human body and create a blueprint to maximize performance.”

- Ryan Brehm
Fastest Swing Speed in PGA TOUR history

"Working with Adam Schriber, using his Tour Prep Golf Program, has taught me how to use my body so that it allows me to control the club head so much better throughout the golf swing."

- Jim Renner
Winner of the 2016 qualifying school

"What Adam Schriber has done for my son Christian is amazing. Not only is his swing completely sound but so is his body. By working in the gym with golf specific workouts, Adam has transformed Christian into a complete golfer, both on the course and in the gym! He ended his freshmen year of college with an average of 78, and now he is ending the fall of senior year averaging 70.9!"

- Chris Dimarco
3 time winner on the PGA Tour

Tour Prep Golf

Train From Anywhere

Tour Prep Golf (TPG) is a series of interactive videos – demonstrating & teaching – the integration of biomechanical principles & fitness with timeless PGA Instruction techniques. 

Over 8 hours of video/ 206 discrete and flexible instructional sessions, can be used in several ways:

  1. They build on each other, in a progressive way,
  2. They can be viewed independently for refreshers or strengthening,
  3. An instructor can select/link one or more videos to meet the needs of a student

The videos were designed both for use at home, or by/or in conjunction with a lead PGA Professional – in person or remote – as well as independent viewing anywhere on any device, by a student – at home, at school, at the course or fitness facility. The shortest video of the 206 is 1 minute. The longest about 21 minutes (a playing lesson).

A number of the videos were shot with Adam’s students, including PGA Tour Players Anthony Kim, Sam Ryder, Evan Harmeling & Ryan Brehm.

Tour Prep Golf
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